Help, my first ever build will not boot properly

OK, I just finished assembling my new computer pressed the power button and everything powers up like it should but thats about all that happens. The case fans are spinnings the leds are lighting up cpu fan is spinning graphics card fan is spinning but my monitor is doing nada just stays blank??? I know the monitor is not the source of the problem I can test it on my old comp. The board is an Abit quadgt and the built in post code display unit is registering a C1 whatever the hell that means. I tried to go to the abit forums but they are down again. My psu is an OCZ 700 watt unit, graphics card 7600gt (was previously working in another computer), my memory is PQI DDR2 667... Please any insight would be greatly appreciated
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  1. List the specs.
  2. Specs:

    C2D e4300
    Abit AB9 Quadgt
    PQI DDR2 667 2x1 gb
    OCZ GameStream 700w
    Seagate 320gb 16mb cache sata
    Samsung 18x dvd burner ide
  3. :D rtfm :D
    the manual for your motherboard can be found here:
    just in case you threw it away.

    on page75 it states the diffrent error codes:
    Detect memory
    -Auto-detection of DRAM size, type and ECC
    -Auto-detection of L2 cache (socket 7 or below)"

    I interpicate this as a ram problem.

    You could always try to reset ccmos (by the pin) i guess... and trying to reseat the ram modules, or try the ones from your old computer (if compatible), or try just one of the sticks at a time and in diffrent seats...

  4. Ah yes thanks...

    actually I guess I should have listed what I have already tried

    1) reset cmos
    2) used dimms 1 3, 2 4, and also simply tried one stick in dimm 1, then dimm 2

    I have read the manual and I had come across what it said in regards to c1, I had also googled the C1 error and found this

    While waiting for my board to arrive I also tried contacting pqi and abit to see if memory and mobo were compatible but neither ever responded to my email. Although I did contact anand since they had reviewed the board and they believed it would work.

    Thanks ever so much for the input but I have RTFM... and have come here after doing what all I could do given the limited knowledge I have in interpreting such problems.
  5. :( i was just clarifying the "c1 whatever the hell that mean" part,
    no need to get excited... I'm not a hardwaredemon either but i take it that you've tried both ram sticks seperatly? as how your supposed to flash the bios when the computer don't post is beyond me.
    don't suppose you have a friend with a similair setup that you can rip apart and try your diffrent hardware in, based on the faq it seems like it's either RAM, Mobo (like stevent said) or possibly the grafic card (my previous one broke when i changed the cpu fan :oops: so yours can very well have broken during transfer).
  6. Kromm - your quadGT has been out a bit longer than my IN9-32max but I know both have had issues with memory. I can't find where I read it before, but I'm thinking there were cases where some memory would only boot at a specific volt (ie 2.0 or 2.1) and the board is defaulting to 1.8. So unless you could put in a spare or loaned mem module that would default to 1.8v so you could get into bios and change the DDR2 volt to 2.0/2.1 you would get a memory error. Sucks that the Abit forum keeps having problems - Down for a week then back up and now it's back to 2005...
  7. "but I'm thinking there were cases where some memory would only boot at a specific volt (ie 2.0 or 2.1) and the board is defaulting to 1.8"

    Unfortunately the PQI does work at 1.8v, so its not something as easy as that. I am thinking now its either ram, board, or vid card... I will have to check to see if I have a friend that would not mind letting me borrow some of his components to clarify.
  8. Not sure if you saw - but the abit forum is back up again as of late yesterday... I did find this thread that you should read:
  9. Hey thanks for the link, did not know they were back up(abit forums). It is really concerning the number of people having issues with this board. I am back home (on spring break now) for a few days will check to see if the JMB 363 pins are solder bridged when I get back in Tallahassee... wow what the hell thats crazy, I am hoping newegg will make an exception for me and take the board back if pins are bridged. Not only that but on my board the cmos jumper pins were bent to an almost 45 deg angle and one of the solid aluminum capicitors was bent as well, and the mobo itself was not sealed, box or static bag. I am thinking I may have been sent a returned board. Thanks for all the help
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