Using Antec Spotcool to cool 8800GTS?

I'm planning to get 8800GTS 640mb for my new system and i'm wondering if Antec Spotcool would be good for cooling it down, at least somewhat. Anyone know? Or may be there is a better way like aftermarket cooling?
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  1. Well yes there is a better way.... leave it as is.
    The stock cooler is ok and not that noisy.

    The Thermalright HR03+ is for the GTX, but Thermalright says they'll have a version for the GTS mid-march.

    BTW that Antec spot cool wouldn't do much. It *might* help to cool a North Bridge heat sink a bit but that's about it.
  2. Thanks for your advice! I just read that these cards run really hot so i was thinking i should pick up something to cool it down. I guess i'll wait and see how it actrually works and if it runs too hot i'll get the new thermalright cooler. As for Antec Spotcool, i may pick it up just for the northbridgge, it turns out a lot of people use it for that purpose.
  3. If you don't overclock your 8800GTS your temps will be fine.

    As for the North Bridge, very few people add active cooling on it unless they go to very high overclocks. Even then there are some very good passive NB heatsinks.

    Extra cooling is needed when high temps are reached. There is so much hype about aftermarket cooling that people start to think it becomes a necessity.... it is only a necessity for those that overclock a lot or are looking for more silent cooling.

    For the cost of the HR03+ (55$+10$ shipping) and the Antec SpotCool (say total 100$), you could add another measly 80$ and you would have purchased a GTX instead of the GTS.
  4. I see, though Antec Spotcool costs only $13, i dont intend to get thermalright for now anyway, may be later and only if i need it. The motherboard i'm getting, Asus Crosshair does run on the hot side, so thats why i was thinking on northbridge cooling as well. Though i dont intend to do a great deal of overclocking, only some. Thanks for your help.
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