Internet dies when streaming video

My internet has the annoying problem of dying when I try and stream video from sites such as MLB TV or PBS. (But not from YouTube or DailyMotion). Everything else works fine and I rarely if ever have problems accessing the web. I am using a Speedstream 5360 and a Linksys BEFW11S4 Broadband B router, and my ISP is SBC/AT&T DSL. This problem started when I upgraded my firmware and set my internet settings to auto in XP as per the instructions that came with the router upgrade. It was a trade off because now my wireless network works well but this is the only problem. I've lost my original router set up disk so I can't use that.

I can get streaming video to work only by connecting via a manually made windows XP broadband internet connection (WAN miniport, PPPOE) with my email address and password for my ISP. I don't need to do this to access the internet otherwise, which I find kind of strange.

Even stranger is that I can only get this manual connection to work if I try and do it immediately after the third green light on my modem comes on (after powering it up). If I wait too long it hangs on "Connecting to WAN Miniport" and I have to turn off my modem/router and try again. Needless to say this is very annoying.

All my internet connection settings are set to auto (e.g. IP address etc.) as per the Linksys instructions. My router homepage is also set to PPPOE with all my ISP info (i.e. name and password). I upgraded the firmware on my router last year, which also caused all sorts of problems and I really dont want to try that again. Everything is running smoothly now except this.

On a side note, I also can't connect my modem directly to my computer, so the internet won't work without my router. My PS2, however, can get online for gaming when hooked directly up to the modem just fine. Does this have anything to do with it? I'm not too concerned with this problem and would rather cross this bridge when I come to it later. Home wireless networking has also been finicky but has been stable as of late. (I can print from my laptop, access files, etc.)

Sorry for the long post but it's the sort of problem that has a long history. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Your Speedstream 5500 is a router, so you have a router connected to another router and then your computer. You may have dual firewalls active, too, depending on how everything is set up.

    You might try turning off the router functions in your Linksys and running it as a wireless access point / ethernet switch only, letting the Speedstream handle the DHCP server and firewall functions.
  2. I don't think it's a router. I probably gave you the wrong model number or something. It only has one ethernet connector and one phone line connector, it says "modem" on the top and it came with my internet years ago. It doesn't seem to be a router as there is no way to hook up anything other than one computer to it.

    As far as I know I am only running XP firewall, I disabled sygate some time ago. Is there a hardware based router or modem firewall which I can disable?
  3. If your device has only one RJ-45 connector, then you did give me the wrong number (the 5500 has 4 ports), but just because it has only one RJ-45 connector does not mean it is not a router. All that means is that it is not an ethernet switch. For example, the Speedstream 5100 router has only one RJ-45 port.

    Here is a link to the manual for the Speedstream 5100-5500 modem / routers. Do these look like your device?

    It is also possible you have a Speedstream 5600-series device (older than the 5100-5500 devices). These are also routers.

    Here is a link to the manual for the 5600. Does THIS look like your device? The 5600's are labeled simply "modem" - but, nonetheless, they are routers.

    As far as I know I am only running XP firewall, I disabled sygate some time ago. Is there a hardware based router or modem firewall which I can disable?
    You need to check the documentation for your two devices to see if they have a hardware firewall built in.
  4. The modem is a Speedstream 5360 ADSL Modem. Sorry for the confusion, I should do more homework before posting and am kind of a networking "noob" as you can obviously tell! :(

    Neither my router or modem came with any thorough docs other than small pamphlets on how to install them. The manufacurer home page and" rel="nofollow">this link also have the same largely uninformative pamphlet. I don't believe the modem has a firewall.

    A quick scan of" rel="nofollow">The Linksys manual shows no firewall options. I've never seen any on the router URL either.

    However, might this be a firewall related problem? It seems to be a bizarre issue, and I couldnt find anyone else having similar problems on this forum or others.
  5. The 5360 is, indeed, just a modem. It's ethernet port is 10-base-T.

    If you want more substantial documentation on your modem, go to this link, and click on the "Siemens CPE Knowledge Base" link. Once that window opens, click on the "5000 modem/bridge" link. There you will find several pdf documents dealing with the 5360.
  6. Thanks for finding that link, nice to know some info on this old clunker still exists. I think the problem is my router or my connection settings, because I was running streaming video when I had my modem and no router. I was also getting streaming video w/ my router and modem before I set my connection settings to auto config. I can't really go back because 1) I dont remember the IP address and DNS gateway numbers that I had, and 2) my network is running much smoother with the auto settings aside from this annoying problem.

    If I could connect my modem to my pc w/out the router I'd do that, but as I mentioned my PC now only connects with the router in between. I'm still at this point pretty much at a loss as to how exactly to fix this problem.
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