Office VPN router suggestions?

I have a client that needs a new router for the office. They have seven users on a gigabit network and a 10Mbit internet connection. They do lots of 300Mb+ uploads and other high volume stuff over the network (PR shop), so they need a rock solid router. One of the guys works from home, so the router will have to be a VPN endpoint.

I am thinking of a Linksys RVS4000 for the office and a WRV54G for the remote user. I've also thought about an RV082.

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  1. For security reason you may want to do a clinet to modem VPN. This way you are not exposing any computers. And he will have full access to everything on the lan.

    I use a Netgear FVS338 VPN router. This or the FVS538 will do the trick, come with 5 vpn client sotware. Netgear was in the process of releasing a new one with gigabit speed. The VPN client Wizard worked flawlessly on the 338. Just make sure you use a very secure key, max out on allowed 48 chr .

    Security is only as good as the key.
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