Gigabit Router/Switch Shootout DGL-4100 vs RVS4000

Gigabit Router/Switch Shootout DGL-4100 vs RVS4000

I am looking for a gigabit router switch for SOHO use and am looking for at the D-link DGL-4100 and the Linksys RVS4000.

The DGL 4100 apparently does not support jumbo frames (which is really stupid), and the RVS4000 does.

For some reason, no one seems to have reviewed these two devices.

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  1. The DGL-4100 is similar to the more popular DGL-4300 -- you can get an idea of the 4100 by looking at 4300 reviews and ignoring the material on wireless. And BTW, you can often buy the DGL-4300 for around the same price as the DGL-4100 (sometimes even cheaper), which makes the DGL-4300 typically the better buy. You can always turn off the wireless if you don't need it at the moment.

    Jumbo frames are overhyped IMO (probably because of historical issues with slower hardware) and often more trouble than they're worth; modern computers with onboard NICs that avoid the PCI bus typically achieve high throughput without having jumbo frame enabled. That said, of course I'd want jumbo frame support where available, at least to evaluate it.

    I've measured around 950 Mb/s sustained through a DGL-4300's switch.
  2. Thanks Madwand,

    I did read some reviews on the DGL-4300, one indicated that the device hardware was capable of supporting jumbo frames, but D-link never incorporated the feature into the firmware (just silly).
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