Way to check my drive?

My Seagate Barracuda Sata drive has been with me now for a few years.. probably close to 4.. and as of lately my computer keeps freezing. Yes the age old, nothing seems wrong with the computer, then blam it goes away thing..

I've done some check disks in the recovery screen, and it has found errors.. and every once and awhile it logs Disk error in Admin tools.. so i'm fairly certain my drive has bad blocks.

Now i'm fairly sure the freezing happens whenever Windows writes/reads from a certain section of the pagefile, so i was more or less curious as to see if there was a way i can change where the pagefile is written. Normally i'd buy a new drive, but i'm out of a job untill the summer and world of warcraft is worse than crack.

I should also mention this is the first time the drive has ever been more than 50% full, so i'm sure i could thank newegg and seagate for a faulty drive, but its my fault for not doing a thorough check on it way back in the day... or maybe i bumped it too hard or something. Either way.. any feedback is appreciated.

Any suggestions on something else to try is cool too, but i'm fairly certain its the drive.
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  1. You can run seatools on it.

    To move the pagefile, right-click "my computer", click properties, advanced tab, settings button under performance, another advanced tab, then virtual memory - change button.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i'm not sure if adjusting the size actually moves where it is stored. I'm in the process of getting seatools.. hopefully it can deal with the read/write scan that i need.
  3. I assumed you had more than one drive. Changing the size will not move the page file, but you can put it on another drive.
  4. I honestly recommend you to buy another hdd now
    most "SMART" based hdds warns you of errors.
    also even if hdds try to recover themselves by skipping damaged sectors, sometimes they get worse, soif your computer is freezing randomly... it means your hdd is in steps to die..
    so I recommend backup everything and get a new hdd.
  5. Thats what the plan is.. now.

    Yes, seagates tools found 11 errors.. but it didn't help much. It did however reduce the freezing. So i'm pretty sure thats the thing to be looking at for the freezing issues. Its now like once every so often.. sometimes like 8 hours. My CPU under hardcore load never goes beyond 50.. so that should be fine, even though i think the censors are wrong.. and its much cooler.

    I'm going to run memtest one more time tonight to see if anything pops up.

    If anyone has any final ideas.. i'll probably end up buying a new hdd by the end of the weekend.
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