Is ExcaliberPC a reliable online retailer?

The question is in the thread. I plan to buy a product from them and I would like to know if I should.
Anyone had experience buying at that online retailer?
Thank you!
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  1. No one here knows about ExcaliberPC?
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  2. How did u hear about them?

    I did not hear about them, maybe because I use Newegg, Frys or Microcenter so I don't look around too much.
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  3. Use Them With Caution -- Here Are Some Guidelines

    "I made a larger purchase with ExcaliberPC earlier this year...the new MSI PE70 notebook with upgrades. My overall experience was not good since I ended up losing money in the transaction. My first instinct was to purchase from Newegg but I was swayed to go with Excaliber because they were offering a small rebate and free bag (so not worth it in hindsight). But...anyway...I'm not going to bash Excalibar...but rather I want to give guidelines on how to use them so you don't end up like me. Here are my guidelines....

    How To Use ExcaliberPC If You Are Buying Something Over $100

    1) Research all other online retailers for the product you want first. If you can find it elsewhere and at a price that’s meets your should probably get it.

    2) After researching... if you find that the difference in Excaliber's price and their closest competitor is greater than may be okay to make the purchase with Excaliber. Reason being...the 35% price difference will give you built-in "insurance" in case things go wrong with your order and you have to absorb a loss. Note: Excaliber will not take a loss on a transaction regardless of fault. In my experience...the customer will absorb all financial losses.

    4)Before you sure to read all of Excaliber’s terms and conditions as well as their return policy!!!!

    3)Always....always call and place your order. Do not place your order online. When you place your order by phone...get the salesperson's name and ask them to send you a confirmation email regarding the order and any promises they have made.

    4)Get all communication with Excaliber in email confirmation or summary format so that you have a paper trail.

    5)If Excaliber's price difference is not greater than not be swayed by any small rebates or's just not worth it. Stick to the 35% price difference rule if you’re buying something over $100.

    Shop safe and good luck!
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