Intel DG965WH -- Need Help With Driver Issues!


I have a DG965WH with Core 2 Duo 6400 (2.13Ghz). I have been using Vista Bussiness RTM pretty well for the past few weeks, but I have noticed some issues too, and was wondering if anyone else has a solution to these issuses???

First, my hardware config:

Intel DG965WH
Core 2 Duo 6400
XTX 7900 GT
Kingston 2GB RAM
Pioneer DVD-RW
Antec Sonata II Case.

Secondly, my headaches:

1. There is a "Simple PCI Communication" (Something like that) device that I just can not get drivers for... I went on Intel website, and installed all the new drivers released during end of Feburary, but not too much luck... I did not try the matrix storage though... I don't know if that is the soution??? Oh and I don't have any other PCI device other than my GPU is PCI-E... I built this computer by myself so I am pretty sure it's something on the MOBO.

2. After installing the Sigmatel Audio drivers (2/14/07 Version), I find that the sound from Vista is always a bit slower... at least it feels like it... the response seems slow. Such as system sound occurs usually while you click the controls, on my system the system sound occurs _after_ I click the controls. Has anyone else bumped into this problem? Should I have jsut stayed with the Default drivers???

3. Should I enable the Intel Quick Resume??? I don't know... it doesn't really benifit me that much since I have my system on all the time.

4. (Not really Vista related) Since the most recent BIOS update for the DG965WH... there is a boot screen with the Intel Logo that comes up every time I restart my computer... I looked in the BIOS, but there seems to be no way of disabling it. Does anyone know how to?

5. If anyone knows of _any_ good method of optimizing the DG965WH for Vista, please leave me as suggestions... I am happy with the overall performance, but still the little bugs just bother me...

Thanks for your time!

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  1. I can't answer most of your questions because I'm running XP, but I did come across this post when researching my own issues with the board:

    Thank you for contacting Intel(R) Technical Support.

    For your reference, your Email Case Number is: XXXXXXX

    We understand you are having problems with an Unknown device on your system.

    The unknown device is the Intel(R) Quick Resume Technology that might be enabled in BIOS; please, restart the system and go into BIOS by pressing <F2> during the boot process. Once in the BIOS setup utility, go into Power Menu and have the aforesaid technology disabled. Press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system. This should take care of the Unknown Device.

    This BIOS feature is related to the new Intel(R) Viiv(R) technology, which is supported by your board.

    Intel's new platform for digital entertainment - Intel® Viiv(R) technology - is designed for a new type of PC that enriches your enjoyment of digital entertainment.

    Intel(R) Viiv(R) technology-based entertainment PCs enable users to have one integrated system for all their media. With optional TV tuner card, users can record, pause, and rewind live TV programs, and store them on the hard drive for later viewing.

    Through internet connectivity users can easily access online entertainment services, enabling movie and music downloads, as well as access to the latest games.

    For more information, please refer to the following websites:

    The post came from this site:

    I've seen info regarding the DG965WH & Vista on this site (this link happens to be a discussion about a video card I believe) -- you might have luck searching their forums.

    Good luck. mcaren
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