Asus P5W DH Deluxe & Four Storage Drives

New to the boards here. Been trying to solve this issue and seemed like there was a lot of knowledge around here.
I've scanned numerous threads relating to this subject but haven't seen one that hits this nail on the head...

Trying to install & configure four storage drives (WD500GB) on an Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I currently have a WD150 Raptor installed as the main drive with Vista running on it (SATA1 connection).

The best I've been able to do is get three of the drives initialized and formatted (SATA3, SATA4, EZ-RAID1 connections). Connecting the fourth storage drive ends up giving me "4th Master Drive" errors or prompting me to select "A~E drivers".

The goal is to retain maximum capacity w/the four 500GB storage drives and leave the main drive as a single drive.
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  1. Update (if anyone has any ideas): The SATA3 & SATA4 slots can be installed and configured without problems. I can setup a RAID0 with these if I choose.

    However, the EZ_RAID slots do not cooperate. Not sure what I'm overlooking, but when I connect to these I get a "3rd Slave Drive Error" or "4th Master Drive Error".

    "Simply" want four 500GB storage drives up and running in the system.
  2. Remove the EZ-RAID jumpers. Then go into the BIOS and set "EZ RAID Backup Mode Change" to enabled. See page 5-51 of the user manual.

    With no jumpers, the SIL chip acts just as a pass-through to connect the ICH7R SATA2 to the EZ RAID1 port. EZ RAID2 port will be inoperative.

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