P965 chipsets with 2 PCI-E 16x Slots - SLI a possibility?

Doing some searching around the forums, I'm still wondering on how this kind of combo works.

Do manufacturers only support CrossFire and not SLI on this chipset? But if that's the case, I see a number of people getting SLI to work. Are they using hacked drivers or something?

There are a few reasons I'd rather have the Intel chipset over nvidia's 680i. Stability, maturity, and price. It's obviously been around a while and it's prooven that the P965 can overclock well. And at that, the Gigabyte DQ6 is around a hundred dollars cheaper then most 680i boards.

What do you folks suggest? My original plan was to get a GB DS3 but I realized I *might* want to SLI in the future with 2 nVidia cards, but I don't want to spend $300 to get a top of the line 680i board that still has some problems until this day.

Another possibility is a 650i board, but I'm planning to do some decent overclocking and not sure how well a board like that would hold up. I also noticed the 650i board only has two 8x slots instead of two 16x slots like the 680i and P965's.

Overall, what's the compatibility like with SLI and the P965 combination? What do I need to do this?
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  1. Honestly, if you want SLi your best bet is the 680i or the 650i. Apparently you can get SLi on the 965 with hacked drivers, but it's still not full x16/x16, so it wouldn't have any advantage over the 650i. Unless I'm mistaken the 965 has 20 PCI-E lanes, or maybe it was 23. Regardless, not enough to run x16/x16.

    EDIT: The 650i is a pretty good overclocker, I've heard. Not as good as the 965 or 680i, perhaps, but not far off at all.
  2. Thanks Jeff. Yea, with my budget, that 650i might be my best option as of right this second.

    I'm just worried about driver and chipset support right now for those nvidia chipsets.

    I want to do the least screwing around as possible with hacked drivers and whatnot, and don't want something that's going to glitch out on me. So i guess that SLI hack would be a bad idea for me.

    Maybe my only other option if I really wanted that P965 chipset so bad is to wait for that 8950GX dual chip video card to come out. So in that case all I'd have to do is put that in a DS3 motherboard and then.. It's kinda like SLI heh. But who knows when that'll hit shelves =/
  3. Well SLi is only for the best performance possible disregarding price anyway. If you can get a single card that's the same price as a SLi configuration, you can be sure the single card will perform significantly better.

    As far as I know the 650i and 680i are pretty well supported now. I know my 680i works perfectly so far, and apparently the 650is are better.
  4. The motherboard I want officially supports Crossfire, but apparantly there is the possiblilty of SLI.

    I'm getting a 8800gts, and plan to buy another GTS when my computer is slightly outdated and the gts has dropped in price alot.

    And I dont want a 650i motherboard because I've heard of some heating problems due to lack of stock heat sinks and pipes.

    Should I trust the reports of possible SLI on the Abit AW9D-Max?
  5. You can do SLI on an AW9D but not currently with 8800s.
    You have to use hacked nVidia drivers & the ones available are too old to support 8800s.
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