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I'm having a bit of a problem understanding what is wrong and how I am about to go at solving my problem. As I'm doing my daily tasks on the internet, surfing, playing games etc., my connection randomly drops momentarily. However, it does not drop on everything I am doing. For example, I had an online game up, AIM, and Mozilla up and running at the same time. My connection dropped on AIM however my online game and Mozilla were still able to continue on with what they were doing. If you have any insight I would be very appreciative if you wouldn't mind informing me of my problem.
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  1. Wth the TCP/IP protocol, each program is maintaining an independent connection to whatever it is communicating with. If your internet connection is slow or otherwise occasionally intermittant, it is possible for one of the programs to time out on its communications but the internet connection be back up or able to maintain the others.

    Have you noticed any general sluggishness of the connection speed when this happens?
  2. As a matter of fact this recent time i checked a lot of different programs and yes, it does slug the others down a bit.
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