Mixing ATI and NVidia

Just another silly question from someone who is clueless...

I'm considering buying a ABIT AT8 32X and a BFG 7900GS. The Northbridge on the mobo is an ATI Crossfire. May sound silly, but is mixing the two a bad idea? Or an I being paranoid?
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  1. Won't matter, you won't be doing SLi on it but a single card is just dandy.
  2. Yeah you'll be fine, I have a X1900XTX in my AN8 SLi board, and of course it works perfectly fine. It'd be kinda dumb for them to lock out potential customers by only allowing their own cards on it.
  3. I agree it would be dumb, but at the same time... Who knows. PRobably just being paranoid. Thanks for the answers.
  4. Quote:
    crossfire supports Sli but Sli doesnt support crossfire.

    That's not true at all. Maybe you could get a Crossfire board to run SLi if you find a hacked solution for it, but there's no guarantee. If you want SLi, get an SLi board or, if you must, one that is not officially SLi but has been proven to be able to run SLi. Same for Crossfire.
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