WinXP+Linux Multiboot with 2 PATA drives and 1 SATA drive

Well, I have a little problem. Ive jsut bought a new SATA drive with PCI 150 SATA controller, and I have 2 old PATA drives, 40GB and 80GB. The new one is 320GB 300 Mb/s but limited via the jumper to the 150 Mb/s to match the controller speed. WinXP is installed on 40GB drive, the second is 80GB for games and downloads, and Ive just installed RAID drivers for the new SATA drive. The goal is to set the SATA drive as primary, install there fresh WinXP, set the 40GB drive for Linux and install it, leave the 80GB drive for WinXP for use, and of course I want to select which OS to boot - WinXP or Linux. AFAIK its not good to install windows on the full 320GB disk, so Ive repartitioned it to 60GB and 260GB, WITHOUT assigning them any drive letter. I can move all data from the 40GB to the new disk, can I install the Linux then and have a decent multiboot menu? Please tell me if you notice what did I wrong, and Im glad to hear any good advices on the topic. So do I need to install fresh WinXP and then Linux to have multiboot, or Linux first and then WinXP? Or just moving the existing WinXP installation to a new drive and then installing Linux will be enough? Please answer soon, Im planning to start the process in the next 6 hours.
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  1. i havent really used linux myself, but this link should help some:
  2. Ah, **** Linux, now Im just trying to install WinXP and it damn fails. Ive copied the necessary drivers for the SATA drive from cd to A: diskete, (dammit why this stupid setup cant load drivers from a normal CD?!) then I hit F6, install the drivers (and yes, while install the primary IDE channel is disabled, which are 2 PATA drives), setup says that the drivers were successfully installed, but when I select the partition to install windows and it comes to file copying, it says it cant load some files (and those files of course are the drivers from the A: drive) and if I ignore it then WinXP isnt loading and showing blue death screen... Now Ill try to change the diskete, but I dont think it will work. Oh yes, and I cant understand one thing, if I dont disable the primary IDE, setup sees my old disks as C: and D:, and only after that it displays my new one as E:, why is that? I wanna make the new one as C: by default, without disabling the old ones 8(
  3. Now I tried different floppy diskete, but I still get the same **** error! And if I dont hit F6 the setup wont see the SATA drive at all.
  4. well, the first thing is to disconnect the power to your pata hdds, if youre going to install winxp to a sata hdd (leaving them powered during an install only causes complications, ive found, and like you may be experiencing), after winxp is completely installed, and you have your account all set up, you can then reconnect the pata hdds... the sata hdd will now be drive C, with the pata hdds following after

    the second thing sounds like you might not have all the drivers you need... there could be about a dozen or so files that are needed to be on the floppy, and you may be missing a couple of them... try using the original drivers that came with the sata controller, making sure all the ones you need are on the floppy, located in the directories theyre supposed to be... also telling the bios setup to boot from the sata controller before/instead of the pata controller
  5. My SATA controller has a CD where are many other drivers, and for my controller there are only one folder. I just copy all the files from that folder onto the floppy. Also, I see which files the setup cant load, and Im entirely sure that there are on the floppy al those files. I have 2 options, try another WinXP distributive, or slipstream the drivers. I also found a good guide to do that, and the author has the exact same controller I have. Its here.
  6. Excellent, the slipstreamed install worked fine! Im writing now from a fresh installed WinXP 8) The only concern is that I had to install the SATA RAID drivers again after installing the WinXP, cause in device manager the RAID controller was highlighted, but except this everything is just fine. I also have enabled the 2 PATA drives, and theyve set in WinXP after the SATA one, so its great 8) Now I have to recover everything I need from my ex-C: drive, and set there Linux ext2\3 and swap partitions, and blah blah blah... I think Ill use the BootIt Next Generation tool to have a decent multiboot, cause I liked that little program very much, its very nice and handy, and unlike Acronis OS Selector its very small and free.

    There is still one thing I cant understand - the BootIt Next Generation was able to detect my SATA drive and even perform repartitioning opertions on it WITHOUT external driver installation, while when I used different versions of Norton Ghost it DIDNT see the SATA drive. Why is that? Doesnt Norton Ghost support INT13h extensions?
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