GA-965P-S3..updated to F8 and system wont POST

so i decided to try updating the BIOS via @BIOS to version problems encountered while updating..and i was notifiied that BIOS update was successful...and im pretty sure i downloaded the correct BIOS..upon restart though the system wont POST at all...:( first the high temps now BIOS..argh this upgrade to CONROE is really frustrating (let alone expensive) \

the Athlon gods are punishing me lols
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  1. There is your problem using @BIOS. Why won't people ever use Q-Flash, its there and ready to be used in BIOS.

    All you have to do in Q-Flash is Download the correct BIOS update (Board and version), Put the downloaded BIOS in Floppy disk, Enter BIOS then Q-Flash and Upgrade BIOS from Floppy, FINISHED!!

    This thing has a higher success rate than using @BIOS. Since that board can't post anymore, I would suggest just RMA the thing.

    You should of did your research before upgrading your BIOS. One last thing why update your BIOS if its working properly anyways?
  2. its ok now :) i sent it back to the store and they gave me a new pays to be friends with the store owner :D
  3. You are one lucky guy, usually people would have to wait a couple of weeks for RMA. I wish I had a friend working at a computer store :P
  4. ive been buying my parts there since 2001 (this is my 4th build) and ive referred about a dozen other people to his store...:) so they give me perks like unit replacement, faster than the usual service plus the fact that i can pay 50% downpayment and pay the remaining balance 45 days after :D
  5. if we are using Q-flash, can we check if the flash is successful?

    or it's just the same as @BIOS, just stated Upgrade successful?

    well, i'm trying to understand if we can confirm bios is updated correctly so if it's not, i can reflash again before rebooting and can't POSt...
  6. uhmm i dunno, :D but after that mishap (and knowing this replacement mobo im using is the last on stock..) im not thinking of updating my BIOS again :D
  7. LOL... same here for a phobia on bios upgrade now....
  8. If its working properly why update your BIOS?

    Beside you should never update you're BIOS if you have never done before or lack experience in computers.
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