8800GTX (PNY) bottleneck question

Yo, new to the forums,

anyway my question is will an AMD 5200 2.6 GHz bottleneck an 8800 GTX?

I dont think it will when I upgrade to DirectX 10, but as of dx9 im not sure.
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  1. Technically, a X6800 will bottleneck it....

    However, it won't make much of a difference. The 5200+ is fine.
  2. I run an X2 4800+ around that clockspeed, and an 8800GTX overclocked; games run fine, and the cpu bottleneck is negligible when you're playing at a high resolution with AA, AF and maximum eye candy.
  3. Thanks, I should have specified my definition of a bottleneck better, yeah I dont mind a few fps, just major things.

    Anyway that answered my question, thanks.
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