ATI Silencer 1 GPU Cooler Question

well i finally had some free time and was able to pull apart my case to take a look at exactly what was wrong with my system. it looks like my GPU fan stops spinning every once in a while or doesn't turn on when i boot up system. so i was thinking about getting a replacement Fan. Has anyone ever heard of this replacement fan? is there a better one for an ATI Radeon 9800Pro ?

ATI Silencer 1 (Rev. 2)

i can get it for 29$ which IMO thats a butt load better than a new card that costs 180$
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  1. i take it no one has even heard of them

  2. Actually, my dad got that cooler a few months ago for his 9800pro aiw. As far as I know, it works fine

    EDITED: nvm, he got one of the other arctic cooling ones
  3. That's an excellent cooler, and very quiet. Ten stones cheaper on NewE$$, if in stock. Go for it; can't do better.
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