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Vaio laptop has start problems; windows 7 begins startup and then stalls. hitti

Last response: in Windows 7
July 18, 2011 4:40:39 PM

When I start my Vaio laptop, the windows 7 program begins and then stalls with the four color parts of the flag looking just like dots. If I hit the space bar, windows continues to boot. When my desktop shows, and I hit the START button, the search feature comes up and fills itself with hyphens, on and on into infinity. I can stop it by hitting the backspace and undo the hyphens. That brings me back to a program screen but not the complete screen I used to get with the start button. If I hit the start button again, (after all the previous)I'll get the correct start screen. If I click on my email program at this time, the hyphens appear in that search feature also. If I go to my bookmark manager, the hyphens start marching there, too. The little 'ding' that lets you know you've pushed the wrong key also has been going off when I'm not even touching the keyboard or the computer. Any ideas?
July 18, 2011 6:34:42 PM

Sounds like you'll need a new keyboard. Or might need a good cleaning.