8800gtx running too hot

in ntune, the fan is at 59%. i can use ntune to make it go 99% and that cools it down a little but if i boot my pc, it goes back to 59%.
i tried rivatuner, but it says it does not support the drivers(8800 drivers for xp) and i need to update the rivatuner but i already have 2.0 final release.
is there a newer version i dont know about?

is there any other program i can use to max out my fan speed and save it permanently?

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  1. Try RivaTuner.

    What are the temps anyway?
  2. temps are 60 idle and 74 full load.
    i tried rivatuner, it says the nvidia drivers aren't supported. i need to update the rivatuner.
    i have 2.0 final release. is that not the latest one out there?
  3. Not sure if there is a newer Rivatuner version or not, however thoese temps are good for the 8800GTX. So if you are worried the video card is getting too hot keep in mind 74c load and 60c idle are well within the operating temps for that video card.

    XFX Support
  4. Quote:
    temps are 60 idle and 74 full load.

    Temps look normal for a 8800.

    You shouldn't really worry.

    Faster cards, more energy used, means more heat, which is normal. :wink:
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