Will upgrading to windows 8 update my motherboard's drivers for me?

I'm thinking of getting windows 8 via the online upgrade assistant. Should I download my motherboard's windows 8 drivers before the upgrade and manually install them after its done or will windows 8 update them for me?
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  1. Yes, I would download the motherboard chipset drivers first.

    Windows Update doesn't always make the best choice.

    A 'compatible' choice may decrease performance, battery life, or worse yet not be 100% stable.
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    I think it's best to download the newest drivers yourself, but you don't necessarily need to install them. Just take a few mins to put them on flash, and then after you upgrade and notice any problems, use your drivers.

    Or you can pre-install them first to be safer, but I'd give Win 8 a chance to do its job just for fun lol ; D
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  4. Ok, I'll do that
  5. Ok, I'll do that
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