roaming between ap's with wds link

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I am using 2 ap’s. They are connected with wds link. Clients can connect to any of them and talk to clients on any side (wirelessly). The problem is when a client roams to a different ap, the association list shows it is connected on the old ap and new one, that prevent that client from talking with the network. If I disconnect the wifi card from that client, all is ok. If I reboot the old ap, also, all is ok. Is there a way to force a disassociation frame from client to ap when it roams? It seems that when disconnecting from the network, the ap knows that, but when roaming to other ap’s it does not.

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  1. Try setting the lease time real short. So when the lease expires it will reset.

    It's just a work around.
  2. i have this problem with dlink 7700 conected together
    they are junk i am no longer a dlink fan
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