Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro RPM and Arctic Silver questions

I've been toning my 1.5 years old machine lately, trying to reduce its noise level and temperature. I recently brought the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro fan to replace the stock fan for my Pentium D 820. The fan did cool down my CPU a bit (from 48C to 45C idle). But when I checked the fan's RPM, I found that it is rotating at 29xx RPM!

Is this normal for the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro? it can't be good for a fan who's RPM is specified at 900-2500 right?

I also just ordered some Arctic Silver 5. I want to see if a better thermal paste will further lower the temp&RPM. I was using the paste that came with Arctic fan on my CPU, which looked like a pretty thick layer and not that efficient. And this leads to a question about applying the paste to my video card.

I have a ATI X800 that idles around 48-50C and skyrocket to somewhere around 60-75C when I do anything video intensive. I was thinking about using the spare Arctic Silver for this, but the fact is that I don't know anything about video card. Is applying paste to video card the same as applying paste to CPU? Are there anything in particular I need to be careful with? Also are there alternative things that can improve the heat problem (e.g. heat sinks on the backside chips)?

Appreciate you guys reading this far, any comment is welcome.
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  1. anyone have any suggestions?
  2. It's fine. Mine ran 2950-2980 RPM @ 12v. Usually I ran it at about 1000 RPM at 5v.

    How is your case cooling? A drop of only 3C from stock cooling somewhat points to a lack of cool air coming in.
  3. Sorry I'm new at this, but how do you change the voltage on fans? And would it increase the CPU temp a lot when I turn the fan down from 29xx RPM to 1000 RPM?
    I have a mid ATX tower with a fairly good open space inside. I am planning on adding a couple of 80mm and 120mm fans, but that will depend on how loud they will get.

    edit: also is there anyway to change the rpm on case fan too?

  4. Your MB BIOS may have a section to adjust fan rpms and/or voltage. Otherwise, you could buy a fan controller. However, your CPU temps are still way too high, which suggests that either you have an abnormally hot case interior (since the CPU coolers can't cool to below the temp inside the case) or that the CPU cooler is not mounted properly. The 4-pin Intel-style mounting mechanism is notoriously easy to not-quite-properly install. Check out step 2.5 and onward in this post:
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