need help with wre54g and qwest modem/router

I just read the thread between grumpy9117 and tjones834 about getting connectivity between the wre54g and the access point. I follow all that is there but still have "my" problem. Auto config will not work for me because I have WEP security up and running. (I've tried, but it doesn't work.) If i disable WEP security auto config gets me 2 blue lights, with the site survey showing the signal strength characteristic of the WRE, but I cannot connect to the internet.
I have read and tried to follow Tim Higgins' online instructions. I also have in hand a reply from Linksys tech support saying essentially the same thing as Tim.
The main point I seem to be stuck on is that both of the above resources say that on the WRE's config screen there should be a box in which to enter the MAC address of the router. My manual config screen has all the other boxes but not one for the MAC address. I have upgraded irmware from Linksys to the latest V2 (the version printed on my WRE54g) which is 2.01.12, early 2005.
The secondary point I am stuck on is that the wre's manual config screen "freezes" whenever I try to save the security settings. But, on some occasions (and there have been many, many attempts with various combination of variables :!: ) the WRE has shown up with security enabled on my [Windows] site survey.

One point of disagreement between the above 2 resources and Grumpy is that both the above say to leave the SSID of the WRE different from the network SSID...this enables forcing a connection with either connection, and showing when each is in range etc. In the thread with Tjones Grumpy said the SSIDs need to be the same..

My router/modem--supplied by Qwest--says it is a 2700H-D Gateway. I am not sure if that model no. will help anyone id a maker. My network admin screens are accessed using I know that to get connectivity I need to change--amongst other unknown things--the wre's ip address to the 192.168.0.x range.
My router admin screens also have ENABLE checkboxes for Public Network and Bridge Network. As of now they are unchecked. I initially thought the Bridge network might be the WDS networking thing Tim H refers to, but I'm ignorant on this point. Underneath the Bridge networking enable box is a dimmed out IP address/Subnet mask different from the network's. There is a blank box for a subnet mask, but that is all.

Like everyone else, I feel like I am so close I would really appreciate the help. I am no doubt hurting my effort because my knowledge is so superficial...don't REALLY understand what's behind all the numbers, masks, gateways. So if anyone has a resource for actual understanding that would be useful too. Please just keep in mind I learned how to program on punch cards. :D
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  1. What version is your WRE54G?

  2. HI, thanks for the comeback.
    My WRE54g is version 2, according to the label on the underside. Again, I am running firmware version 2.01.12. I have been half tempted to try one of the other versions of software (1 or 3), in hopes of finding the "Target Mac Address" box on my config screen, but at this point I'll sit back and see if there is an approach based on real intelligence.
  3. You have the latest firmware. Firmware from other versions will not work. Do to and download the User Guide. You can connect to the WRE54G by setting a Static IP address on your computer in the 192.168.1X range and going to in a web browser. Change the SSID and the WEP key to match your current router as well as the IP address to 192.168.X.240 where X is the same as the router.

  4. Been there, done that. Been beyond there (trying different configurations on the network admin pages, etc), done that. Doesn't work.
    the first sign something is grossly wrong is that when I try to set up security on the wre's config page it doesn't "take" .."Save settings" on the wre's security popup window gets me a second of transmission and then nothing...and the only way I can get back to "talking with" the main page is to close the popup.
    Also, after I change the wre's ip address to the 192.168.0.x range I cannot access the wre again....even with a static ip on my computer in the same range (but with the last digits different from the wre.) To get back to the admin screen of the wre I have to reset the wre.
  5. What are you using for a browser. I've see this when the browser and Java is not compatiable with the router. Have run in to this with Netgear, USR, SMC, Linksys just to name a few. In all cases IE worked if jave was up to date.

    Just a thought.
  6. I had been using IE 6.x, though just today I upgraded to IE 7.X and have yet to try it out until this.
    A number of things have changed since my last post here. I don't have all the answers yet but here are a few:
    1. sometimes it takes a couple of :"save settings" from the wre config screen to get the settings to "take".
    2. After a successful "save settings" and changing back to dynamic ip assignment the connection process seems to take a long time (seems stuck on "Aquiring Network Address") and the first 1 or 2 accesses to the internet seem to be very slow. A couple of times the "repair" process of windows seemed to make the connection. Sometimes the "Limited or no connectivity" message appears. Sometimes it goes away by itself, other times the Repair function works. Either way, after the connection and the first couple of accesses everything appears normal speed/connectivity.
    3. I am able to successfully configure and connect to another unsecured network (which has a Linksys router, IP address via the manual config process of the wre.
    4. In trying to configure the wre for the secured network (non linksys router, IP address I am unable to change the wre's IP address to When I "save settings" on the wre. The config screen keeps coming back with the setting.
    5. I am convinced that I am very close. I have enjoyed this trip into the "Black Magic Kingdom" of wifi, and I know eventually I will "get" it. :)
  7. Q1, This happens when a script is not ececuting properly JAVA most llikely.

    Q2, This is common when you change the way a port gets it address. I allways disable the port the enable, flushes ram.

    Most of the time if you change subnets, you have to change everything related to the sub net. Gateway, LAN IP Range....

    Never have used a WRE, from your experience I will continue to spend the extra money for commercial SB equipment.
  8. thanks for your info.
    As to your comment about the java script not executing properly, that is highly likely in that that is what the hotlink says is being addressed.

    Problem is, what do you do about it?

    I think your comment about staying away from the wre is appropriate. I bought this one a year ago when a neighbor with an unsecured system who was willing and able to put the wre in a corner of his house nearest to me.
    It autoconfiged without a hitch. Worked fine, until another neighbor, both of which spouses are [unpleasant] HP folk, put in a gangbuster signal--secured. That seemed to overpower the auto config to the unsecured system.

    that gangbuster signal is even now preventing me from autoconfiging the wre within my own house! But, I can manually config it to the unsecured system, so I know success with my secured network is somewhere down the line.

    I think of this as an intellectual challenge more than a necessary to-do. That attitude has helped me keep my patience--and my sanity!

    Part of the problem is linksys' lousy tech support. I have a detailed, albeit boilerplate, email from someone there which describes a wre config page with a mac address blank, something which my config page does not have. This lead me to another learning I forgot about in my earlier note:

    Learning 4:
    If there is no mac address blank, you HAVE to change the SSID to the network into which you are trying to connect. This probably allows the wre to pick up the mac address. Note that this is different than Tim Higgins' advice as well. The workaround you need in order to connect to either one, after the wre has configed itself with the network SSID, is to turn the wre on or off. When off, the station you'll connect to is the "base", or router. If on, the signal will be stronger, and you will connect to the wre.
    Learning 5:
    download and put a signal strength meter on your notebook (wireless client). There are a bunch out there. I arbitrariliy put wifi SiStr on mine and have had no virus problems. It is just so helpful to see the signal strengths--you can tell in an instant which point you are connected to.....yes, I know you can ping, etc, but this is really a convenience.
    ed t
  9. Quote:
    Worked fine, until another neighbor, both of which spouses are [unpleasant] HP folk, put in a gangbuster signal--secured. That seemed to overpower the auto config to the unsecured system.

    that gangbuster signal is even now preventing me from autoconfiging the wre within my own house!
    Why not browse ebay for cheap wireless routers and APs, signal boosters, high gain antennas (or make your own) for sale, put them all in various windows next to their house, set them all to the same channel as they are using, given them SSIDs like "HP Sucks" and blast back! :twisted:
  10. May need to upgrade the antenna to a 5+ dbi, then install a parobolic reflector and aim it at there house. Here is a site to make a home made reflector. I have used them in the past work well.
    I sounds like they are use a 11n or MIMO that is not playing right with neighbors. If you concentrate the beam on the AP, they will think theirs has crapped out.

    If you really want to get serious look at this site.

    Now back to your connection problem. Make sure you don't have your security set so high that it is prevent scripts to run.

    I have a powerful AP in my house, but I run it on low power not to enterfer with other. Even at low I can cover my whole house and maintain a good connection. I've made a commitment if a neighbor does not want work with other neighbors, just make there in operatable. I would even invest on a paroboic or ragi beam and take them off line till they want to pay with others.
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