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I have three WD 250gb SATAII HDDS on my Intel DG965wh. I just set up my RAID 0 on two of them for xp, and they are running great. I had previously had no raid setup and xp on the other 250. When I booted up with the raid array it BSOD'ed the first time, and i realized i had to go into the bios and change the HDD boot order to the Raid 0 array as first and then the other WD as second and it booted fine. From this, I started wondering that when my Windows Vista Ultimate comes and I plan on putting it on the other drive- is this possible? I would assume so but since my bios is set to see SATA as RAID, will I get an option to choose which OS I want to run? I hope this wasnt too confusing but im sure some of you guys have a similar setup


2 on RAID 0 for xp
1 just for Vista
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  1. yeah, you can have a dual boot setup like that... a raid 0 array for win xp, and a single hdd for vista... ...if you do that, youll have a vista boot menu to choose from i believe... with the choice of either to boot into vista, or boot into older/legacy windows operating systems (it says similar to that anyhow)
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