Raid 0 + Non Raid SATA on DG965wh

I have three WD 250gb SATAII HDDS on my Intel DG965wh. I just set up my RAID 0 on two of them for xp, and they are running great. I had previously had no raid setup and xp on the other 250. When I booted up with the raid array it BSOD'ed the first time, and i realized i had to go into the bios and change the HDD boot order to the Raid 0 array as first and then the other WD as second and it booted fine. From this, I started wondering that when my Windows Vista Ultimate comes and I plan on putting it on the other drive- is this possible? I would assume so but since my bios is set to see SATA as RAID, will I get an option to choose which OS I want to run? I hope this wasnt too confusing but im sure some of you guys have a similar setup


2 on RAID 0 for xp
1 just for Vista
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  1. As long each of the SATA's are primary, and one is not secondary. Some folks even partition the hard drive and install a different OS on each partition. Then you get to choose which you want to boot from.
  2. id like to keep vista and xp on dif drives. What do you mean secondary It just gave me an option in the bios as one to be in front of the other, thats it- and if the RAID is not in front, it wont boot to windows presumably because the bios is seeing sata as raid.
  3. Do you have another raid channel to plug it into? My mb actually has three, counting the e-SATA. That drive also has to be partitioned as a boot drive -- I'd use the WD install disk, or d/l online, to set that drive up with a boot partition. Your bios should then recognize it as a bootable drive option. Some RAID/SATA bios controllers also allow you to designate "bootable" in the config menu for the controller.
  4. well iv got xp on it now but it doesnt give me the option to boot into that version of xp
  5. What motherboard are you using?
  6. Intel DG965wh. I wasnt aware of sata channels. It just let me choose which drives to put in RAID. I have xp on all three drives now in other words. I would have to disable "view sata as -raid-" in bios and change boot order to get that I believe. Maybe ill play with it and see what bsod's and what doesnt lol
  7. hmm so would i need to like raid 0 and then partition that RAID? is that how i can put two OSes on the same array? thats a B*tch
  8. suggest you google for Vista XP Dual boot, I know someone does with RAID also
  9. Best bet... partition the raid setup into 2 partitions, set up XP on the first and the Vista on the second. The third drive can be used as your data. The nice thing about partitioning is that if one OS goes you can just reinstall it and use the other OS to get drivers yada yada...
  10. yeh but arg i got xp setup on this one yesterday and had to call M$ for the activation and all that crap. Might just use 1 for xp, one for vista, and the other as backup or maybe linux
  11. Interesting topic. I have 5 available WD 80g HD's, with 3 currently installed in a tower TT Xaser case (All 5 years old). It's time to reformat and reinstall OS, BUT, after reading these posts, why can't I do a fresh install on an empty HD? I would partition the new HD 20g OS, 60g other??), install XP, than I could totally remove OS from original HD. Sounds too easy to be true, but I hate reinstalling a bunch of apps with CD's and the downloaded ones. Ideas? Thanks Much, and NO, I do not want to update now. All works fine with P4 2.53 with 533 FSB, MSI 845I mobo, etc. Only thing I'd like is a new video card (old = Radeon 7500 All in Wonder).
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