Netgear FVS318v3 throughput issues

I recently installed a Netgear FVS318v3 router (with the latest firmware) and I seem to be having some considerable throughput issues with it. I have a 6mbs down/2mbs up cable connection to the WAN port of the router and repeated speed tests give me an average down speed of 1.2-1.5mbs? I did these tests with a PC connected directly to a LAN port on the router to avoid any possible bottlenecks in the network. However, when I connect a PC directly to the cable modem I get average speeds of 5.3-5.5 mbs down. Anyone have any ideas here?

Configuration is like this:

[Cable Modem]
[FVS318v3 Firewall/Router]
[10/100 16 Port Switch]-[10/100 16 Port Switch]-[10/100 16 Port Switch]
| | |
[LAN] [LAN] [LAN][/code:1:2d2bd03623]
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  1. You most always take a hit with NAT. But yours is excessive. Make sure you have not activated any filtering functions. Router do not make good proxy servers. Disable any vpn policies and firewall rules or port forwarding functions. I know the vpn on the 318 has dial-up speeds.

    Then see if your speed pickups. The 318 is not the fastest router but it should cover your ISP. I'm using the FVS338 model.
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