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Hey guys, just wondering if you can please give me a UK Price Check on the below second hand system, cheers.

Black Gaming Case with Side Window and Neon Lights (PSU Included)
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (With Arctic Cooling Blue LED Cooler)
Asrock K7 Upgrade Motherboard (Full ATX mobo with SATA etc)
512Mb DDR400 RAM (With HeatSpreaders)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256Mb (With AfterMarket Cooler)
80Gb Seagate IDE HDD
Hercules Game Thetre XP Sound Card and Rack
Asus DVD-Rom Drive
Floppy Disk Drive
Black Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Generic Speakers

Any idea on the value of this machine then guys? and also how much will the value increase by if i swapped the 512Mb DDR400 for 1024Mb DDR400 (With HeatSpreaders), cheers in advance.
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  1. Maybe 100 pounds, and not much difference for the RAM. Might just add it in to increase saleablity
  2. I think you are all being a bit stingy there.

    Reckon you could £200 if you advertise it in the right place. Might be worth keeping the case, keyboard and drives, and upgrading the mobo, cpu. HDD and RAM and keeping it for yourself.
  3. Aye it does sound you are being a bit stingy with only a £100 price tag. The PC will still run "modern" games granted not in there best capacity but they will run. If your selling advertise it as a Home PC hand out flyer's outside at computer stores like PC world.

    The price in between RAM is minimal.
    Saying that I've tried for a few weeks now to sell a spare rig i knocked together for £50 which is far off the spec of your PC guess its just about finding the right person. Not trying to advertise but if you were wondering for a reference the PC I am selling is

    2000 Athlon XP
    512MB Ram
    9250Pro 256MB edition
    80GB IDE HDD
    DVD & CDRW
    360W PSU
    15" monitor
    Microsoft keyboard and mouse

    On the downside it looks absolutely terrible. theres no OS supplied an the DVD has a mind of its own..
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