Poll: Best and worst e4300 batch/week

Best= 2.9-3ghz+ on stock volts
Worst= <2.6ghz before upping vcore

(Please list your MB so vdroop can be accounted for) 8)
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  1. How do i look for batch/week?

    Mine does 2.7 on stock volts,vdroop around 0.05.Anything beyond 2.7 requires a hefty voltage increase.
  2. mine does 3.006ghz on stock volts (334 x9). not sure what you mean by vdroop. I had it running at 3.204ghz (356x9) last night with some volt increases. i too need to know how to tell what batch im using and what vdroop is. you can see my system in my sig.
  3. I didn't even look at the number. Mine needs 1.53v for 3ghz, and with 1.6v it still will not boot Windows at 3.2ghz. I think it's the worst one. It's a big of pain to remove the Tunic Tower now, but I could. After the price cuts I'm getting a E6600. Hope I don't get another lemon.
  4. 3.0Ghz on undervoltage of 1.280v
  5. Batch/Week info is printed on the chip and on the box label retail chips came in. Vdroop refers to the difference between the BIOS Vcore of your chip and the actual Vcore of your chip under load. Vdroop directly affects the stability of an overclock and the worse the droop the higher your respective Vcore in BIOS must be. Vdroop is worse for some MBs than others.
  6. Zenmaster can you give us more details on your chip and system?
  7. Batch: Q640A500
    Pack Date: 12/21/2006
    BTW... what is the stock voltage :oops:

    2.7Ghz @ 1.15-1.1750V
    Having issues getting 300fsb (prob ram), when i get those sorted i will get some higher OCs with voltage numbers. Just gotta fix my water sys 2nite :cry:

    Been as high as 3.3 on air. Hopefully can get to my goal of 3.6
  8. The CPU stepping is 2
    The Mobo is a Gigabyte 965P-S3 F6 Bios
    (F10 seemed to cause a lockup every few days so I reverted to F6)

    I really did not do any special tweaking and have the FSB at 333 and ram at 1:1.

    I took it to 3.2 oh Air and Stock, but the CPU fan would be audible under load so I cranked it back.

    I'm more of a function than flash kinda guy.
    I could tweak more out of the system, but the system does all I need so fast already whats the point :>
  9. 2.9GHz on stock voltage
    3.4GHz @ 1.55vcore

    It popped with 1.49CPU VTT, I am at work, will have batch/week for you later

    .002Vdroop on RD600 boards.... DFI FTW!

    I took it to 350x9 on ~1.45vcore with a sufficient amount of tweaking then ran into a hard wall at 355. I pushed through it tweaking the FSB IO strength, GTL Ref voltage and CPU VTT and got it stable at 375, almost got 380 then it popped due to 1.49CPU VTT. The exact vcore stable @ 375 was 1.4v * 110.65%.

    Memory is irrelevant on a RD600 due to fully independent clocking.

    Load was 56c supposedly, but it may have been misreported... stupid E4300.
  10. Maxxxed out last night at 395x9 = 3.555Ghz... soooo close 2 the magic 3.6 but no joy :(
    Was having stability issues after that... gonna start from scratch 2nite
  11. Conroe,

    You kill me man... You overclock a 1.8Ghz proc to 3.0G stable and it is a lemon :)

    That is funny... I guess in the scheme of things it could be considered that way but, still funny :)

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I am really begining to wonder if some of the OC vcore issues people have aren't ASUS caused thanks to vdroop. My chip will do 3ghz (yes its Orthos stable) on 1.325 and thats with only a FSB increase. I did drop back to 2.88ghz for a long term OC to keep load temps 57c
    Batch# Q644A293 PACK DATE: 01/30/2007 (MALAYSIA)
  13. Mine is mfg during week 43 I got it from Fry's the first combo they offered. It is covered up by a Zalman 9700 now so I do not remember the batch, but the best I can do is 2.88Ghz on an ASUS P5WDG2-WS-PRO 975x board with Bios 0604. Took voltage up to 1.45 with no change did all the otherthings to reach higher but NOPE. Am running now at 1.3250 and dropped the FSB to 315 giving me 2.83Ghz with some headroom.

    I am considering 2 things
    1-The pin mod as described by DaSickNinja to make it boot at 266 FSB instead of 200FSB
    2-Getting a P5B Deluxe WiFi 965 board

    I am partial to ASUS because of quality and stability and Yes I know that the P5WDG2... is overkill but ther is a logical story behind it.

    I want to use this CPU/board for gaming and Physics Via ATI's promised combination. I am not ever planning to do Crossfire or SLI, and I like the Intel Matrix Raid setup. Therefore an x4 PCI-E is enoughfor the second slot.
  14. I've got mine running at 266x9 with 1.3v and could probably go farther except it's plenty fast enough for me at this speed. Plus I'm waiting for the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme/Plus (whatever they're calling it now) to come out so I can pick one up. Vdroop under load puts vcore at 1.248v and it still chugs along just fine. :D
  15. 3.05ghz at 1.4v. I never tried stock volts but I imagine it would be 2.9-2.95ghz. 1.5v gets me 3.25ghz and temps(core temp) are <55c dual prime.
  16. Batch# Q644A293 PACK DATE: 01/30/2007 (MALAYSIA)

    334x9 undervolted to 1.30625 (actual Vcore 1.260 with a Vdroop of 0.046)
    (I settled for load temps of 63 :wink: )
    This chip does everything I wanted it to :D
  17. Just trying to revive a good poll.
  18. I run a Opteron 170 @ 2.65ghz per core on stock volts. I love stock so It'll downclock when not under load (hell it downclocks in alot of games cause its not working hard enough). Can this be done with a C2D? Leave it stock vcore and leave the speedstep on at like 3ghz?

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