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If a graphics card has single DVI output, but a DVI splitter cable is used to give two outputs, can the resolution be adjusted on the 2nd screen or is it merely just a clone of the 1st screen?

Thanks for your help!!
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  1. Matrox have a system whereby each monitor is different.

    I believe you can theoretically do it on other monitors too.

    Google for the particular card you're interested in, see if you can find out?
  2. Thanks. I've googled the card, (it's a 256mb ATI Radeon X600 in a Dell machine, so it is the low profile version just with one DVI output). I cant find any detail on whether the 2nd DVI output on the splitter cable would be able to do a different resolution :-(
  3. How someone did in in Linux;


    With an X1300;


    I have read one thing that says that the Dell Low Profile X600 doesn't support dual monitors.

    Give Dell a ring?
  4. What model Dell?
  5. It's a Dell Opti GX620DT.
  6. Not much info on the Dell site. I'd suggest giving them a ring.
  7. No I couldnt find anything either. Thanks for looking though :-) I'll give them a call.
  8. If you use a Splitter all it does is clones the same image on both the monitors. I would recommend checking KVMSwitchTech as they offer a wide range of DVI Splitter and HDMI Splitter solutions.
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