X800XL AGP and the KuFormula VF1

Sorry, no pictures, I was too eager to get this working yesterday night to bother taking photos, but here are some if you wish.

I must say I am impressed with the KuFormula's performance over the stock cooler of the X800XL AGP. With the stock cooler I had to keep the side panel of my case off or random reboots would occur during gameplay in first-person shooters and the like. Temperatures would rise up to 72 and the last time I tested it was climbing into the 80s. Also the stock cooler was very loud when running at full speed, that is, anytime you would ask the GPU to do something 3D.

Now, not only can I run with the side panel back on, but temps under load barely surpass 60 degrees Celcius, while idle temps have fallen from around 48 to 44 degrees, and this is with the slowest fan speed. It is barely making any sound.

Installation, while it could have been worse, was needlessly awkward and difficult. First, the PCI mounting bracket was slightly longer than the fan bracket, so assembly required substantial bending of the mounting bracket to get the screw in. Nothing to compromise the solidity of the structure, but still difficult to do with only 2 hands.

Then, while on the box it says it is compatible with all X*** series, they might have forgotten that the X800XL is a longer card than normal. So the fan doesn't align with the heatsink, with a difference of about 2cm. This has two consequences: it reduces the efficiency of the cooler, because part of the airflow is lost (though it still remains impressively efficient); and now the fan bumps into the heatsink instead of gliding over it, which in turn makes the alignement of the PCI screws impossible. I was able to barely align one of them, and used a metal pin and some adhesive tape to replace the other one. After fiddling around for 20 minutes it seems solid enough, but not as it should be.

However the copper plate made full and solid contact with the GPU on the first try, and the rest of the installation was fairly easy, with detailed instructions.

Overall I am very satisfied with the KuFormula VF1's performance. With cards of standard length it should prove even more efficient and much easier to install, but even in the case of the X800XL it does its job pretty well and silently. Would reccommend.
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  1. Right on. I've had one for almost a year now. Love it. Keeps this 7800gtx at 35-45'ish. I use Thermaltake copper ramsinks.
  2. I have this cooler attached to an XFX Geforce 6600 GT AGP, and it's not working as I tough it would.

    With the stock cooler the card would idle at 60-63 degrees Celsius, way to hot!!! And it would go straight to the 90s under load.
    With the with the Kuformula VF1 plus it would idle at 57 degrees on cold nights, but most of the day time it is at 62-63 degrees with Arctic Silver 5.
    Haven't tried to put the card under load again since i'm busy with my PS2 for now.

    This is my second XFX 6600 GT AGP (the first one fried when i was watching an AVI video on media player 10) but XFX RMAed another one since it was still under warranty,it lasted a year. Because of this I decided to buy the sytrin cooler)

    I have even changed the blower to a 120cm low rpm Thermaltake fan and no improvement

    Any suggestions? Maybe I used too much thermal paste?
    I'm planning to take it out and test if that is the case maybe this weekend.

    My CPU, an AMD 64 4000+ socket 939 with the stock cooler idles at 39-45 degrees.
    My harddrive a Segate 320GB SATA 2 stays cool at 39 degrees and it is located just behind the front intake fan and before the graphics card
    My case is a Thermaltake Tsunami Dream
    90mm side thermaltake fan intake (came with the case)
    120mm front scythe intake fan (bough this one and used it to replace the low rpm thermaltake one that came with the case, and im currently using that thermaltake to cool the sytrin kuformula)
    120mm back thermaltake fan exhaust (came with case, blue leds)

    Maybe next month ill get an aircon but i think that the sytrin cooler can bring further down does temps right now.

    Hope that someone can help me...

    BTW my room is hotter than most others because of poor ventilation and the fact that I live in central america (panama) and we are on summer doesn't helps at all.
  3. Did you make sure the copper heatsink is making full and solid contact with the GPU? If there is a gap, the whole cooler is ineffective.

    You can also try running your computer with the side panel off, it really helped my temps go down.

    If the cooler is installed properly, with the fan blowing downwards through the heatsink and the heatsink makes solid contact with the GPU, then maybe temperatures are reported incorrectly or the card is defective. Did you experience reboots or artifacts during gameplay? If there's no symptom of overheating, chances are there's really no overheating.
  4. I'm not sure if the heatsink is making full contact since this card in particular has a metallic shim around the GPU... I don't know what kind of adhesive XFX used but it's really effective...

    I'm afraid i might damage the card while trying to remove it.

    Removing the side panel sure helps (56 degrees) but i don't like the idea of leaving it open always.

    I tried to run Jade Empire SE at 1024x768 and 4x AA, and everything played smooth, but the temp went up to 73 degrees.
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