Please help!! What is a safe overclock for a pentium d 940?

I've looked online and can't seem to find anything about how to oc my pentium d 940. If anyone knows the limits that I can reach and the safe levels that would help a lot.i figured that someone on this board has to have a pentium d 940

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  1. What kinda cooling are you going to be running??
  2. I am currently running this cooler----> my cooler
  3. oh, good choice on the cooler! I had a 945(pretty much the same; clock speed etc) and was able to over clock it 100% stable to 4.1 Ghz on the board in my sig. I was using watercooling, never got above 55C....but you should be able to gert close to that. Just bump the fsb up gradually. I wouldnt go above 1.45 on the voltage, and depending on what your comfortable with.....i wouldnt let the temps get above 60-65. Post back when you get results. Im kinda interested in the compatison of my watercooling rig to you air cooler.
  4. thanks for the help man. I will let you know what I can get it too when i do it. I'll add u too my buddy list and then shoot you a pm when I get the results

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