Configuring com ports? it was working - now it's not

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Hi all,

my saga continues.. I was given a Del Optiplex GX1 to install a modem
for a friend, discovered a bad onboard video card, and added in a PCI
Matrox card that did work just fine after reinstalling win2k pro using
the "repair" option offered on bootup.

so, that working, I proceeded to install an ISA Zoltrix 56k modem that
I had laying around, and through various attempts finally was able to
get it working, but here's what was happening.

I had com ports 1 and 3 showing in the device manager, IRQ 4 assigned
to com1, and IRQ 3 assigned to com3. (this seemed backwards but I let
it go) Couldn't get it to work, so installed another com port, but
then a conflict occured in ports 2 and 3, and I got an error saying
the system could not find enough resources to run everything and to
remove something,, so I removed Com3, the yellow exclamaiton went away
on com2 port and then the modem would work.. ??

I thought everything was fine until I rebooted to find all the com
ports had come back, same yellow exclamation marks on 2 and 3, and the
modem wouldn't work.... so I once again removed com3 and viola, the
modem worked again.

so to clear this all up, I removed ALL the com ports and let win2k
reinstall fresh, which it did nicely, now showing Com1 and Com2, IRQ 3
assigned to 1, IRQ 4 assigned to 2, and this seems to be the way it
should have been in the beginning anyway, so I thought Fine, now it'll
work.. but it won't. I have manually set the jumpers on the modem
card to every option but cannot get it to work now. ???????????

What happened? No conflicts are showing, I'm installing the same
software each time, The card lets me choose com ports 1 through 4
and IRQ's 1 thru 15, but nothing works. I even tried going back and
installing ports 1 and 3, manually setting the IRQ's the way they were
when it did work, and still nothing...

Help!! What am I not doing correctly?

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup (More info?)

    The standard com port configuration is IRQ 4 for COM1 and IRQ 3 for

    To make your modem card work,
    1. Disable one of the COM ports using the BIOS setup. (it should be
    under on board peripherals)

    2. Assuming you are disabling on board COM2, select COM2 on your modem
    card and 3 as the IRQ.


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