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Well im building a new coputer and im having trouble deciding on a graphics card.

I can get a 7900 GS Ko for 189 Canadian
I can get a slighty used 7900 GT for 200 Canadian

I would get the used one now if i did decided on it or if i went with the 7900gs i would wait till i ordered all my other parts in about a month when i get all my money together.

So which one should i go with? Would prices on cards in the next month or so go down much? Or can i get an even better card for the same price.
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  1. If you can get a used 7900 GT for $200 Cdn... and it's from a trusted source (one that won't screw you if it turns out it's broken)...

    Snap it up. Now!

    Prices aren't going to go down that fast...
  2. I second what Cleeve said. To answer your last question, for 190$CDN I don't believe there's a faster card than the 7900GS. The lowest priced X1950Pro is at 207$ at and is about the same value. I don't think it beats the 7900GT though.
  3. Hmm, I can't comment on Canadian pricing, but I'd definately take a new X1950 pro for $207 before I'd buy a used 7900GT for $200.

    And if a X1950 pro is $207 now, chances are a better deal or better card for the money would come along before he buys his other parts. Of course, it could go the other way too if supply dries up, but more often than not you'll get more for your money waiting until you have a system to put the card in than stocking a card on your shelf for a month. (trust me I know this all too well. :cry: )
  4. Just a side note, the cheapest X1950 ROs I've seen in canada were $250+, I didn't know you could get them for $207. That makes things a bit more complicated, although you'll be paying tax on the PRO you will have a warranty which is good...
  5. This is what I'm talking about. It is exceptionnaly low priced, yes.
  6. WAIT Until you have a system to put the car into for sure. What if you shelf the card for a month, then it turns out to need an RMA? (if its used, your screwed)

    I would wait and pick a card when you get the rest of the system.
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