do i need xp 64 bit to use my 8800gtx?

i was just about to download the latest drivers for the 8800gtx i just bought online (stil waiting for it to arrive), when i realised that i can't see just the standard xp 32 bit edition listed on the differnt choices of drivers to download. Do i need xp x64 or something?

i wasnt gunna get vista untill some direct x 10 games were released.

Is xp 64 bit edition faster on games like supreme commander? i have a core 2 duo e6600 cpu
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  1. no you don't need 64bit os

    here's a link to 32bit xp drivers
  2. No, you can use XP 32-bit fine.
  3. great, thanks. so is the 64 bit version a waste of time for gaming atm? or has it gunna give faster framerates?
  4. It's a waste right now.

    Get Vista later.
  5. Yes, the 64-bit version won't have any effect on your 32-bit games

    and vista in general will slow them down
  6. the drivers suck for x64 anyways
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