bfg 8800 gts help pls

ive just bought the gts8800 but my psus only rated at 300w the recommended is 425w for a duo but ive only got a 3.4 ht so im a little confused the last time a had card that didnt get enough power it used to crash coz basically the onboard fan wasnt running.should i upgrade to a bigger psu or am i ok all my games run fine but would i get an even better fps if i upgraded my psu.test drive unlimted is a little bit stuttered but i thin thats a poor game to bench mark on.i ran future mark o6 and got about 6000 which was middle of the just a little confused if i had low power would it result in the games crashing or my graphics slightly comprimised
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  1. Graphics may be compromised to the point of crashing, but apparently your GTS seems to be recieving enough voltage.

    I'd upgrade the power supply. Your score is about 2000 too low.
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