Single, dual and quad rail - is a high amp single better?

some people claim pc power & cooling single rail design is better then multi rail - is this true? :?:

i thought each rail was limited to 18 amp and 20 amp max by some safety law? :idea:

finally silverstone makes single dual and quad rail - 4 x18 amp 60a combined max or dual 30 amp or single 60 amp - which is better and why?

it appears that the quad rail is more efficient in the case of silverstone.

pc power & cooling's new 750 single rail - looks good at $200 retail and 83% efficient - is it as good at the $500 psu? probably not - since its 2/5 the price!

thank you for your feedback!! :D

PS: i have used both dual and quad and notice no difference?
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  1. mr psu-eagle: silverstone makes 60amp dual rail - 2 x 30 amp rails with 35 amp peak

    they have quad. dual and single rails

    i went with cross conected 750w quad rail they work great less then $150 shipped 54amp peak.

    thx for the imput!


    single rail: module

    dual rail:

    quad rail: (what i use in my mid-mighigh systems now used to use the zeus)
  2. well my striker 750 handles my maxed out x1950's (699mhz cat 7.2 oc) in crossfire, my smoking e6300 (wimpy 2.8ghz)at 38c at 100%, my quad 160gb raid 10/0 and the mighty lights and fans!

    don't laugh - i have 6 12" cold cathodes and 5 12cm lighted fans - probably 100watts

    and there is no hot air blow out the psu - at idle - none!

    i think that pc power and cooling psu is totally the bomb! its really nice - but is it really better then then 70 amp silverstone?

    note: it appears some people are having issues with the dual rail system - i think they are hooking both gpu's to same rail, with peripherals, and not looking at the directions? but there may be more here?

    lastly mr psu-eagle-- i am always covering your back - the silent dragon high in the sky!
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