I recently read an article on Tom's Hardware Guide titled 'One Internet Connection - Two Private LANS'. The setup required 3 routers. I understand the 2 routers for each LAN. However, I am trying to understand the third router [called Internet Router w/Switch]which connects to the Cable or DSL modem. Am I trying to put too much in this 3rd router? What type of router is it and what is a good router to purchase. Thanks.
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  1. Havent read the article but my guess would be that the 3rd "internet router" is used to 1)connect the two different lans so they can communicate. 2) Control access to the internet from each Lan seperatly.

    Just my guess. Ill go read the article now.
  2. Right! The 3rd router is used to control and connect the 2 separate LANS. I was trying to find out the type of router. I have a situation where this would an ideal setup for a client. When you read the article, the diagram lists this router as an internet router w/switch connected directly to the DSL modem. It has to be more than just a 10/100 switch. Any information will certainly be helpful.

    Thanks a bunch!
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