ok first build about to be put together! need bios help!!

first build all!!!!!
ok brainiacs. hoping someone has put together this same exact combo and can tell me what settings i need to worry about in bios just to get it going safe and sound. will learn oc 'ing slowly as i go, but dont want to kill it in the meantime.
E6400 (stock cooling but in antec 900 case)
gigabyte GA-965P-Ds3 mobo
g. skill F2-6400CL5D-2GBnQr ram 2 gb (2X1gb) DDR2 SDRAM 800 PC26400 dual channel
what voltage or timigmg settings must i change? is their an article that tells me step by step what to do so i dont kill my baby! lol thanks very much all

anything and everthing u think i should know on this as first build i would really appreciate! thx so much
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  1. well, I've built an E6400/DS4/2Gb 6400 if that's close enough.
    Hopefully it should come with a current enough BIOS that you won't have any problems.
    if you do have a problem posting at first try using just 1 DIMM to POST & then go into the BIOS & set the RAM voltage to whatever is recommended by the mfr - it's probably more than the 1.8V JEDEC spec.
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