Extending my wireless network with 2 Routers

I am trying to extend my internet connection so I can share it with my uncle about 80m down the road. Ideally I want to have a wireless base at the point the internet enters the house and a 2nd wireless base 80m down the road. The internet connection is plugged into a Belkin N1 router. I have connected a Linksys WAG54G linksys to the belkin via an 80m length of CAT5 cable plugged into one of the rj45 ports on the back of the belikn. the problem is I can't get any wired or wireless devices to pick up the internet from the linksys router. If I unplug the cable from the linksys and into a laptop I get straight onto the internet, so it seems the cable is fine. I think I might need to configure the linksys router so it's behaving like a hub which can broadcast a wireless signal but I don't know if this is right or how to do it. any ideas?
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  1. Are you planning on connecting the two locations permantly with cable, or is this just temporary for test purposes?

    If permanant, your setup should be fairly easy. You have two choices:

    1) Linksys router remains a router.
    In this setup, you connect the WAN port on the Linksys to one of the unused LAN ports on the Belkin. Everything should just come up and work, even with factory default settings in the Linksys. With this arrangement, you have two LANs operating: one from the Belkin and one from the Linksys. This would prevent (or at least make difficult) file/folder sharing between your uncle's network's computers and those connected directly to the Belkin. But all should have access to the internet. Since this did not seem to work for you, check first which port on the Linksys you plugged the cable from the Belkin in to. Make sure it was the WAN port.

    2) Linksys router becomes an access point.
    In this setup, you connect a LAN port on the Linksys (I think this is correct for Linksys - check the Linksys documentation under "access point mode" to make sure you use one of the LAN ports) to one of the LAN ports on the Belkin. But, to make this function, you need to disable the DHCP server, the firewall, and the NAT in the Linksys. This turns the Linksys device into a wireless access point for your Belkin's LAN, plus an ethernet switch for the Belkin LAN. All computers, both at your uncle's location and at yours, are on the same LAN and can be set up to share folders, printers, etc.
  2. It's permenant (well for the forseeable future anyway)

    It's all up and running beautifully now. Thanks for the reply Iceblue :D
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