Ahanix 350W ATX Power Supply Voltage problem

Hi all,

I bought an Ahanix MCE301 case with Ahanix 350W ATX Power Supply. I found that my system could not boot-up.

I bought some no-brand DDR2 from ebay. I thought my DDR2 failed. So I borrowed my friend's DDR2 Memory (Kingston). My system started to boot once every 10 times I turn it on.

When I looked at the BIOS (Motherboard Intel DG965OT), it shows
12V PS is at ~12.2
3.3V PS is at ~3.33
5V PS is at ~5.1
1.5V PS is at ~ 1.26 !!!!!!
CPU PS is at ~ 1.28 !?!??!?!?

Is my 1.5V PS too low and causing the boot-up problem??? My no-brand DDR2 does not seem to work well. My friend's Kingston seems to work from once a while..... Does it make sense??

I think I may need another power supply, am I right?

Please comment!
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  1. Thanks for the reply mpilchfamily.

    Currently, I only have
    Onboard graphics,
    One DDR2 1G DIMM,
    CPU Fan

    My goal is to get into BIOS at this moment. No HDD or DVD is connected.

    Do you think the 4 items above would require 350W ATX PS? Do I need 400W PS? (350W seems to be reasonable to me since my old PentiumIII has 300W PS and seems to work fine with 3 HDD.... may be CPU is burning much more power now..... I don't have experience with Core2Duo system)
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