E4300 Higher FSB or Higher CPU?


My name-ah isa Borat... my systehm isa
P5B Deluxe Wifi (BIOS 1004)
OCZ DDR2 800 (2x 1G kit)

I want overclock, but I only have stock Intel heat sink, and I don't need push system to bitter edge. In Kazakhstan I have now running with FSB=300, and multiplier = 9 (2.7GHz)**. In US of A runs stable and cool. I'm happy, but feel like I could benefit from higher FSB to mach my RAM capabilities. Very niiiiice! CPU-Z says RAM is 1:1, and 300MHz, but I would like to push to 400MHz.

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To keep things cool I would set multiplier down to x6 to make 2.4GHz CPU with 400 FSB very niiice. The main uses of the computer are for World of Warcraft, downloads, surfing and voting for number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan. Would I benefit from higher FSB (400 vs 300 MHz) or higher CPU (2.7 vs 2.4 GHz)??

**All voltage setting on Auto PCIe freq. = 100, PCI Freq. = 33.3.3, Spread Spectrum Disabled, all other setting default.
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    My name-ah isa Borat...

    Excuse me to inturupt pollitics, but may I make **** in your house?

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