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Hi all,

We are a small business ( 30 clients & 1 server) and are planning to replace
upgrade our old Windows 2000 server. In the same time we though it would be
a good idea to install Windows 2003. We also want to be able fo our users to
log to our server from home using Windows 2003 built-in VPN solution. I'm
seeking solution on the best scenario for our installation

1) Users, shares migration. We don't have another server at hand. Is there a
way to back up the users accounts as well as the shares and permission.

2) We are planning to install, DHCP and DNS server on the same server as
well as remote access server. What should be the consideration here? What is
the best way to proceed considering that we have a router (DHCP disabled)
which acts as a gateway for the internet?

3) Do i need to use both network card? If so how to connect them. I guest
the fastest one for the LAN part (plugged in the router?) and the slowest
one for the wan part (plugged in the router?).

Our server is mainly used as a file server but we also run on it a timesheet
application which can be access by our employees from outside the network
using any browser.

Our server specs will be :

(2) XEON P-III Processors (dual)
(1) 100 MB NIC
(1) 1000 GB NIC
(1) Tyan Board
(2) Ultra 320 SCSI seagate 70 GO RAID (mirror) HD
(1) Enlight hot swappable hard drive bay (5 disks) SCSI ultra 320
(1) Compaq 20/40 GO External DAT tape backup
(1) Enlight Case
(2) Redundant power supply
(1) APC 1000 VA UPS

Thak you for your input

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup (More info?)

    The best solution is to hire anyone capable. One week of work without
    business interruption, i.e. 40 hours, average price $80 hourly, total $3,200
    plus taxes. It can be done faster but for more money.
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