Help me figure out this problem....

Built a new computer a few months back, no problems.

E6600, P5W Deluxe, 8800 GTX, 2GIG Ram.

Now yesterday, I am turning it on and it craps itself, the error message flashes for a second on bootup:

"Not Enough space in Runtime Area, SMBIOS data will not be availiable"

Then a message flashed so quick I barely saw it, something like "The CPU failed to initilize" and bam, dead computer, everything lights up, but nobody is home. I turn it off and on, it won't boot, doesn't even kick the monitor out of sleep.

So, I took the computer apart and removed the CMOS battery, restart, good to go. about 3 startups later in the middle of loading windows it crashes and has the same issue, remove cmos battery again and it works again.

Sooooo.....I am stumped. I am going to try and find a new bios and flash the MB, but I can't help but think it might be a problem with the E6600, maybe something has gone craptastic on it.

Anyone out there know anything about this problem? Any ideas? I may just turn my computer on and leave it on for the rest of eternity, cause pulling that battery every few starts is gonna hurt my feelings.

Thanks for any help guys!

PS> When it starts up and works, I still see the runtime area message real quick right befor eit loads windows.
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  1. I would first try to flash the bios... not sure what version you are on - but looks like the P5W DH Deluxe has:
    ver 1801 BETA from 12/22/2006
    ver 1901 from 2/9/2007 - I would try this one if you are not on it already.
    If that doesnt help - you may want to contact ASUS support.
  2. Well, didn't have a chance to update the bios last night, figured to leave it for this morning. Turn on the computer this morning, and there is a screaming sound coming from my video card slot and I get a bad ram beep code. Now the video card and the ram can't both have gone bad since yesterday, so I pulled the CMOS battery again and it got me back to where I was previously, in that when I turn the computer on, I get nothing, just running machinery and a blank screen. Now I don't have any clue what to do, where do you even start on that one? Bad MB? Resetting the CMOS does nothing for it now, I did it twice hoping to get it to start up so I could at least play with something, but I don't get a post at all. Figures this would happen the day after I had to cancel my credit cards because they were stolen, so now I can't even go buy parts. But then, I don't know what parts to buy to fix this thing.

    If ayone has had a similar experience, or knows what bad part this sounds like, please help me out. Thanks.
  3. I would replace the battery. It used to be a big problem but not so much now, it costs like $3 to try it, saves on the hair pulling.
  4. As an update, I pulled my ram and restarted it and got no beep, nothing, so, there is zero post activity occurring. My gut feeling, based on what was happening before, with the screaming PCI slot and the ram beep code after all this wierdness, is that maybe the MB just went craptastic on me, but I don't have another rig to drop the CPU in to test to make sure it is all good, I suppose worst case I go buy a cheap MB, if that doesn't work, I go buy a new CPU and I am out the cost of the cheap MB, because the Video card starts up and I can't imagine the ram went bad, the PSU is good and I still have my CD drives and HDs....though, damn it, I need the stuff on that HD.

    Well I continue to play with things, still open to any advice out there.
  5. Quote:
    2.9 SMBIOS eModule Error Messages Message Displayed Description Not enough space in Runtime area!!. SMBIOS data will not be available.This message is displayed when the size of the SMBIOS data exceeds the available SMBIOS runtime storage size.2.10 CPU eModule Error Messages Message Displayed Description Warning! This system board doesnot support the power requirements of the installed processor. The processor will be runat a reduced frequency, which will impact system performance.This message is displayed when the power requirements of the board do not match the power requirement of the CPU.

    From the AMIBIOS manual:
  6. ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, with an E6600 C2D, how can that board not support that Proc? I don't understand, I have a 600 watt power supply feeding this system, should be more than enough for a E6600 and an 8800 GTX. I have never recieved any indication performace wise that the chip was running slower than advertised. that combined with all the craziness that is going on, is just....well, I am about mindboggled out. I might just go buy a new MOBO cause now I am pissed at this one. The computer booted up again, but I only had one stick of memory in it as a test, put the other stick back in and I was at a dead screen. I am going to walk to a store nearby that was the CMOS batteries and try that, I just wish I was getting the same conistent problem, sometimes the video card screams a continuous beep, even when there is no power in the card, which sounds to me like a PCI slot problem, and when it does that it gives me a bad ram beep code. Argh...after I get a new battery, if I get it up and running I will flash to the new bios, if it restarts even once, that should tell me if a new bios fixes the runtime error thing.

    Thanks for finding that, I looked in my manual everywhich way and didn't see anything like that.

    ooops just noticed the power thing was a runon from a different error it looks like...phew. Ok still need to get a battery and try the simple and hopefully cheap answer.
  7. never said I understood what it meant :wink: but it is an odd duck. Good luck and tell us what you find out.
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