Building Computer Should i get retail or open box items.


I am building a computer to play world of warcraft and cod1 cod2 and maybe hl2.

I had a Qestion about open box stuff at newegg is it a good idea because they are so cheap. would be as good as buying retail :?:

should i go Amd or Intel for budget. 8O i have about $300-350 maybe $400. :roll:
I have a O.S montior

I have 512mb DDR2 4200 2x256mb. :(

I need the rest. I have not builded a computer in a very long time so i need some help. :oops:

Thanks For your Help
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  1. Don't go open box with the case and the Mobo. Usualy they are missing parts, but I'm not sure if newegg checks the parts, and if they are still warrantied.
  2. Is there any problem with your current video card?

    What's the target monitor resolution?

    What parts do you want to buy? Or What current parts do you want to keep?

    Newegg open-box is a hit & miss. Sometimes you get like-new items, other times you get dead-on-arrivals or have something missing. It's best to buy retail.
  3. Right now

    Here is my spec's

    Hp custom

    P4 1.5 256k 400fsb
    512mb Pc 133
    40gb hdd 7200rpm IDE
    Dvd-Rw IDE
    Ati Radeon 9600XT 128mb 128-bit memory 500/600 Agp 8x but its running at 4x 4 pixel 2 vertax shader

    I just want to try to build a nice computer that will run wow a little better. because this computer is not cutting it anymore. I want to move to Pci-Express

    I seen newegg had a FREETECH PX6200TD-128M GeForce 6200 128MB 128-bit DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail $45.63 and you get a $10 rebate and you can unlock the 4 extra Pixel and 1 or 2 vertax Shader which i think is a good deal just get a better cool for it.

    I dont know if i should go amd or intel right now.

    If i go amd should i get a AMD Sempron 64 3000+ Manila 1.6GHz Socket AM2 Processor Model SDA3000CNBOX - Retail for $42.99 or something better

    if i go intel should i get Intel Celeron D 347 Cedar Mill 3.06GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80552347 - Retail for $53.99

    and i dont know if i should go dual core. or not. i mean i just what it to last for a few years. because i always can put more money in to it

    i just want a whole new computer. lol i want to use Pci-Express and Sata.

    i mean i just need some help because there is so much to choose from now .because of the price warz going on right now.

    so if you can help i would be very Thank Full

    My budget is $350 shipped

    i have a OS i have a montior i just need my games to run at 1024x768 nothing awesome.

  4. here is the open box Policy

    Open-Box Items

    * Return for refund within: 15 days
    * Return for replacement within: non-replaceable

    This is our Detailed Open Box Item Return Policy. often sells items that are listed as "open-box." Because these items are sold at greatly reduced prices, they bear this limited 15-day refund-only return policy through Such items can only be returned within 15 days of the applicable invoice date. cannot provide replacement service for these items, as their stock is limited. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of these items is with the buyer. These items have been tested for functionality, but may have superficial physical defects including (but not limited to) scratches, dings or dents. Should these items prove defective following their purchase, the buyer (not the manufacturer, distributor, or assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repairs, unless otherwise required by law. These items are not covered by any 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    If you purchase an Open-Box product you will receive an OEM BAREBONE item, meaning you will only receive the item itself. Accessories are NOT INCLUDED with Open-Box products, even if the missing accessory is required for the item to function properly.
  5. $350 for all new gaming pc is pushing it.

    The 9600XT is faster than 6200:
  6. Simple upgrades with most bang for buck. Get A video card, I would suggest a 7300 or a x1650. Both are under $100 and will deal with WoW like you would not believe. Then Get memory, 1 gb of ddr 400. if the board will hold it you could use the old stuff but that might slow down the good stuff. Those 2 changes will make like a new puter.
  7. we'll i can unlock it to a 6600 pci-express
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