8800gts sli vs single 8800gtx

It's either the 8800gts in sli for me or a single 8800gtx. I've compared benchmarks but I would still like to hear some opinions.
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  1. which gts?
  2. I read the link that jeff_2087 sent.

    I am of the opinion to get the 8800GTX. Even though 2 8800 GTS's are faster, I'd save difference in cost and then when the 8900GTX comes out, you can sell the 8800GTX and take the money saved and get the 8900GTX (or whatever the next latest & greatest model will be called).

    The other option would be to buy another 8800GTX later down the road. I would always buy the most expensive single-card solution you can afford and then just SLI it down the road.

    If you buy 2 8800GTS, you can't do an SLI upgrade without buying 2 new cards.
  3. Single GTX!

    I won't elaborate, there has been a few threads on this exact topic already.
  4. I think a single GTX now would be alright. It outperforms crossfire 1950XT's and uses much less power. If you listed your specs it would be easier but I personally would go for a GTX.
  5. Thanks everyone. Much appreciated. :trophy:
    I was already leaning towards a single gtx but you helped push me the rest of the way.
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