Graphics card to handle Widescreen monitor at 1680x1050

I'm looking for a graphics card that can handle the resolution of 1680x1050. I'm not using it for games or anything like that just for internet and movies. I currently have a Pixelview Pro Link GeForce FX 5900 XT but it doesn't seem to support the widescreen monitor's native resolution. What's a decent card for this purpose? Remind you that I am not looking for anything fancy but would like it to have DVI capability.
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  1. budget? goal? use?

    could recommend damn near anything with what you've said.

    X1xxx to 7xxx

    If your looking for a GPU just to support that resolution and do daily tasks then an X1550 is something decent for the price. I've seen them cheap.
  2. Sorry,

    I'm looking for something under or around $100. It's just for pleasure, no gaming or anything like that. Basically just surfing the web and movies. Which vendor is better nvidia or ATI?
  3. Driver updates?

    As far as im aware it should support it?
  4. Hi odend42,

    In my opinion it's very hard to recommend either NVIDIA or ATI just like that... I if had the same requirements as you, I would probably consider purchasing a graphics card with enough processing power to run Windows Aero smoothly. If you plan on migrating to Vista, the new Windows Sidebar looks very nice on widescreen monitors 8)

    Have a look at this article: The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money

    Throughout my time as a computer enthusiast, I have mainly used NVIDIA graphics cards as I prefer their control panel over that of AMD/ATI's Catalyst drivers. But I do in fact believe that both the Radeon X1650 Pro and the GeForce 7600 GS are solid picks! If you plan on running Vista, make sure to check up on the driver situation before making your decision.

    Best of luck.
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