Sound Blaster LIVE! 5.1 and PowerDVD


I've been looking about for a fair few hours but can't seem to sort this problem out.

Player Information :
Player Region Code : 2
Current Focus Drive : D:
Title Region Code : Not Available

Display Information :
Video Mode : Not Available
Display Mode : Not Available
FourCC Code : Not Available
Surface Type : Not Available

Video Attribute : Not Available

Audio Attribute : Not Available

Subpicture Attribute : Not Available

Hardware Information :
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU running at 2789 MHz
3DNow! Technology : Not Detected
Enhanced 3DNow! Technology : Not Detected
3DNow! Professional Technology : Not Detected
IA MMX Technology : In Use
IA Streaming SIMD Extensions : In Use
IA SSE 2 : In Use
Video Accelerator : NVIDIA Hardware Video Acceleration (in use)
Multispeakers Audio Device : Creative SB Live! (not in use)
SPDIF Output Device : Creative SB Live! (not in use)

Any ideas how to get the Live! card in use?

Also, I only get the option of 2 speakers or SPDIF and no 5.1 option.

I don't know what other info you might need so just let me know.

Thanks if anyone can help.

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  1. So, at the moment, your SBLive is not working at all for playing DVDs, is that correct?

    Does it work fine for playing music, CD-ROMs etc?
  2. I noticed the same thing. Thier is no 5.1 option.

    I just use SPDIF which ends up putting all my speakers in use. I don't know what it is exactly but i think it means it just use whatever connections are plugged directly into the hardware.
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