!!! Ntune Qusstion..please help asap

I have an evga 8800gts 640mb. When i use ntune I modestly oc it to 620/980 for everyday use. I can set this in nutune and it works great. I also set the fan to 100% so I can keep it cool. When I save these settings they work fine as long as the computer is running. When I set this profile to start when windows starts in the adjust custom rules setting functions it also seems like it is working ok. The problem is when I start up windows all of my setting are back to normal but the rule is still there, it's just not working. This is my first time with ntune so any help would be great and plus it sucks to have to change the setting everytime I turn on the computer.

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  1. ntune is gay, i couldn't get it to work, so i use rivatuner to keep fan @ 100%, card is on stock though but u can oc with rivatuner.

    P.S.: i wouldn't worry about ocing vga until i upgraded cpu if i were you, you're running a dx10 card with a pd :? my bet is it'll bottleneck in games, i could be wrong though, feel free to correct me on this one :) 8)
  2. I will have to try rivatuner. As for the bottleneck with the pd i don't think that it is happening yet. As long As I turn up the aa and af, which will in turn increase the amount of work the gpu has to do, then the bottleneck won't occur. I am also in the process of finding stable oc levels for the cpu. I'm at 4ghz now and have heard that I can go even higher. It's no Conroe but it can hold it's own. Thanks again for the info about rivatuner. lmk what you thing. How do u like your 8800

  3. Quote:
    How do u like your 8800

    absolutely love it, it laughs at any game maxed out :lol:
  4. first of all what kind of overclock ar u planning to do with your videocard?
    if u are a hardcoregamer i suggest rivatuner..it's a fine app i am useing for 1 year and half and it does what is supposed to do if not just ntune yourself ..just kiddin'
    i reccomend a little caution with riva tuner
    it has a menu where u can change the driver settings also and all the opengl and directx x settings use it wisely some setings it is best to overrride nice and slow.....
    last time when i visited the www.guru3d.com it said that riva tuner is updated and full suporting the 8800 cards...modifiing some settings requires a restart but after that all good
  5. I just d/l and installed rivatuner and it said that my gpu wasn't supported. Can u post the link to the d/l so I can get it and start to use it.

  6. thanks a lot that program works great. Aparently my drivers aren't in the data base but it is working great anyways. I didn't want to puch it too much so I am at 620/980 with 100% for the fan speed.

    If anyone is using the 8800gts 640mb let me know what you're running at.

  7. glad to hear you got it to work
  8. Any chance you grew up in Saratoga CA?
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