First irritation ever with newegg..Getting to big for their own good?

I have used and loved shopping at newegg since around 2001. All my shipments arrived lightning fast and customer service was excellent. I would order parts and receive a tracking number right away! Heck the parts would be at my door before I knew it or even early! But that was years ago.

Fast forward to today. I ordered all the parts for my new PC build which is my first for myself in many years as I always build for others. I payed for the rush processing as I needed the order to go out today, no questions asked. I even called prior to ordering and was assured it would go out today if I paid for the rush processing. I opted for 3 day shipping as it would arrive just in time for me to receive the package and build the pc and spend a little time with it as I am going out of the country for a week

Long story as short as possible... I called up newegg after I placed the order as I wanted to delete an item off my order that I no longer needed / accidentally left on the order. I received excellent service and they were able to remove the item which was great as I would not have to ship it back! Just before the call ended, I happened to ask when I would get the tracking number, the guy said let me look... He looked and said "oh, it probably will not go out today" I said I paid for rush shipping and it was time sensitive. He said he was sorry but had no control over it as my card was still in processing and had not been charged. However my card showed it HAD BEEN CHARGED. I told him this and he said there was nothing he could do as it was not guaranteed to go out today. So I argued that I paid for rush shipping, called ahead of time before placing the order and verified it would go out today. He just said sorry, it is not guaranteed and newegg has no shipping guarantees. I asked, what about your 3 day shipping guarantee that is stated right on your website? He stated "oh, it is 3 days from when we get the product out the door" At this point I wanted to scream bloody murder through the phone at his lack of... customer service skills, but instead asked for a supervisor. The guy did not transfer me and just stated again there was nothing they could do but he would email and put a rush on it so it would hopefully go out today and that it should go out today. So I said fine and we ended the call.

Fast forward several hours... it is about time for me to leave my office so I called again as I had not received a tracking number. This time the person stated it would still "probably" ship today, but late tonight. I said, what would that do as it will not be picked up until tomorrow? They said "well it still will ship today right?" I said, no. That is not shipping today, that is packaging today for a pickup tomorrow and not what I paid for or asked for. The guy said sorry, and that I could call and request a refund for my rush processing fee tomorrow. I told him that was not the point as it was only a few $ for rush processing and the package was time sensitive. He just stated there was nothing he could do, newegg does not have any shipping guarantees, it goes out as soon as it goes out. What the crap kind of policy is "it goes out as soon as it goes out?"

So tonight I received my tracking numbers at 9ish PM Az time, they missed the shipping deadline today and more importantly did not come through as a company as they clearly stated they would prior to taking my money.

Overall, newegg.... You have let me down big time for the first time ever. I have spent literally thousands, upon thousands of dollars with you over the years but that should not matter as even a 1st time purchaser should have experienced better service and more timely shipping. It angers me at the lack of giving a crap that some of your customer service staff exhibited. I realize you guys have grown massively over the years because of excellent prices, but bottom line, the customer comes 1st and all of us should be taken care of properly or at least make it right if you screw up. And do not tell customers you can come through prior to taking their funds and then drop the ball miserably after you get their cash.

I really hoped this would be the only complaint in this forum about slow shipping or not coming through with shipments but was surprised to see others are having or have had the same issue.

Not trying to put salt into wounds but for a fact, I have also spent thousands with your competitors even recently on other items and not ONCE have I had to deal with any crap like this and they all provided service just like you used to. Come on guys, your prices are great, get your service and shipping back up to your old standards as you will start loosing lifelong customers. :non:
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  1. I've had a lot of similar experiences with NewEgg lately. Although I'm a fan and spend a large amount of money with them, I feel they could be doing much better and have begun a mild-mannered petition ( Please take a look and consider giving it your support.
  2. Signed up. Well written, to the point and professional. Maybe their management will finally wake up to the BS when more start joining this!
  3. I'm with you. If it is time sensitive and critical, I always order it with faster shipping to account for delays, or order it from amazon.
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