3dMark Score 1500 w/ Radeon x800Pro, P4 3.0 & 2GB Ram

i am new to using 3dmark but i ran it a couple times off of a fresh boot and my score seems HoRRIBLE (around the 1500s).. i expected alot more from my setup.. am i missing something??

my system:
- p4 3.0 ghz w/ 2GB ram
- windows vista ultimate (ive run the program on xp too & same score)
- ati radeon x800Pro
- monitor 1440 x 900 (ive run the 3dmark on all diff resolutions..)
- cpu temp avg 40C

and i dont overclock

its 3dMark 06
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  1. Quote:
    .. am i missing something??

    Yes, like which version of 3DMark.
  2. Yes, which version? And how is your in-game performance? 3dmark scores are ultimately meaningless. It's in-game performance that counts.
  3. like the others have asked. it depends on which version.
    If its 3dmark 06 its probably about right.

    If its 05 it should be around 5000 or so.
  4. thanks i didnt know that the versions gave such different scores anyways i ran 3dMark05 and got a 4400 on that and 9300 in 3DMark03
  5. 3D-Mark06 tests for Shader Model 3, which isn't supported by the X800 series. That is why you score is so low. I have a similar situation with a X800GTO unlocked to 16 pipes. My laptop actually scores higher in 3DMark06 because it has a dedicated graphics solution that does support SM3.
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