3dmark score 1500 w/ radeon x800pro

am new to using 3dmark but i ran it a couple times off of a fresh boot and my score seems HoRRIBLE (around the 1500s).. i expected alot more from my setup.. am i missing something??

my system:
- p4 3.0 ghz w/ 2GB ram
- windows vista ultimate (ive run the program on xp too & same score)
- ati radeon x800Pro
- monitor 1440 x 900 (ive run the 3dmark on all diff resolutions..)
- cpu temp avg 40C

and i dont overclock
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  1. for your cpu and vga it seems to be a normal score
  2. Youve got an older system running at stock speeds. What exactly did you expect? The score sounds about right to me.
  3. i take it this is 3dmark06???

    if so then ur rig is missing pixel shader 3 so two of the games wont even run = lower score
  4. i didnt know that the versions gave such different scores anyways i ran 3dMark05 and got a 4400 on that and 9300 in 3DMark03.. thanks for the tips
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